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Business and Commercial Mediation Reviews

"I want to personally thank you for mediating this matter. This case would not have settled had it not been for your skill and perseverance."
—Defense Counsel (Commercial Lease Dispute/Toxic Mold/Insurance)

"I think you were a terrific mediator (you were extremely persistent and understood the problems of both parties). Thanks again for your invaluable help."
—Plaintiff´s Counsel (Intellectual Property/Breach of Contract)

"It was a very difficult case to deal with, because of emotional issues, and it frankly surprised me that we were able to settle it. I want to praise ? Patricia Prince for ... her steadfast commitment to our settlement process. She used her talent and persistence well ..."
—Defense Counsel (Premises Liability/Wrongful Death)

"Thank you again for the energy and vigor you brought to the process. I will not hesitate to use your services again."
—Plaintiff´s Counsel (Business Dispute/Breach of Contract)

"You are a very effective mediator, able to tailor the structure of the sessions to what you thought would achieve the best result. Your perseverance and continued communications between sessions helped bring the parties to a place where they could settle the case."
—Defense Counsel (Commercial Dispute/Breach of Warranty/Breach of Non-Disclosure Agreement)

You were most effective in resolving the case by "[h]elping each side understand each other´s points. I appreciate that you were committed to settlement, but did not strong−arm the parties. Very fair, organized, and reasonable."
—Defense Counsel (Business Dispute/Breach of Contract/Fraud)

"You did a great job and are an excellent mediator. We will hire you on other cases and recommend you to others."
—Plaintiff´s Counsel (Business Dispute/Account Stated/Fraud)

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"Patricia did a very good job working with the parties. It started the parties talking in a difficult case."
—Defense Counsel (Real Property Dispute/Partnership Dissolution)

"Ms. Prince was very professional, just and accommodating. The issues were mediated appropriately and she was very helpful."
—Defense Counsel (Real Property/Partition Action)


*The foregoing testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any future mediation.

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