Patricia Prince speaks on Mediation

I’m Patricia Prince. I’m a full−time mediator and I have been helping clients reach durable resolutions to business and employment disputes for over a decade.

ADR Qualifications: Before becoming an ADR provider, I was a business litigator, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and large corporations, in domestic and international cases.  I also am fluent in Spanish.

Approach to Mediation: My approach to mediation is simple: I believe it is my job to design and manage a fair process that maximizes the likelihood that the parties will be able to reach a resolution.  Every case (just like every person) is unique, so it will have different needs in terms of the mediation process and in terms of my intervention as a mediator.

My goals are: (1) To fully understand the parties and their interests and priorities; (2) To create an environment that helps the parties feel confident that they will be heard and understood; and (3) To work effectively with counsel and all parties as a trusted advocate for resolution.

Why choose me to mediate your case? My clients often note my calm demeanor, my persistence and my skill at managing emotionally-charged and high-conflict cases, such as discrimination, wrongful termination, partnership dissolution and inheritance disputes.  (I’ve also been told my sense of humor is an asset!)

Finally, I´ll be "all in" for the resolution of your case.  I´m hard-working and I care about moving my clients from conflict to resolution.  You´ll have my full attention and support in that journey.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to resolve your dispute.

Patricia Prince