Mediation Engagement Information

Patricia Prince, Esq.

Case–Specific Rate Structure

Contact Prince Law & Mediation via telephone or email to discuss your case needs, to obtain rates and to schedule your mediation.

All–Inclusive Flat Rates

Mediations in different subject areas and for different numbers of parties are offered at various rates and may be structured differently, depending upon whether parties are represented by counsel or whether the parties wish to mediate directly or with the advice of counsel before and/or after mediation sessions.

In general, time is booked on a flat–rate basis, but hourly rates may be more appropriate in some instances.

Flat fees include scheduling; review of materials and pre–mediation telephone conferences in preparation for the session; full–day mediation session; and reasonable follow–up by telephone, if necessary.

Travel Time & Expenses

There is no charge for travel time to and from a mediation session in the San Francisco Bay Area within an hour of Mill Valley.  Mediations held outside this area are negotiated on a case–by–case basis.

Reservation & Payment of Fees

Payment of fees for the mediation session is required within 2 weeks of receipt of the Mediator´s engagement letter to reserve the session date.  Aligned parties represented by the same counsel will be considered as a single party with respect to required fees.  The Mediator´s fees and expenses will be shared equally by each party participating in the mediation, unless otherwise agreed by the parties and made known in writing to the Mediator.

Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy

If a scheduled mediation is canceled or postponed more than 30 days before the scheduled session, the full mediation fee will be refunded, less a $200 administrative fee.  If a scheduled mediation is canceled or postponed 30 days or less before the day of the scheduled session, the canceling or postponing party(ies) will be charged a cancellation fee of one–quarter the applicable flat fee or day fee.  If the parties do not agree on which party is the canceling party, the cancellation fee will be split equally between them.

Patricia Prince