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A creative and sought–after ADR provider, Ms. Prince has successfully mediated hundreds of state and federal court cases and pre-litigation disputes.  Prepared, analytical and a persistent problem solver, Ms. Prince is adept at working through impasse and committed to a fair and impartial mediation process.

Patricia Prince has built a solid reputation as a successful mediator of difficult cases and is highly valued by her clients for her patience, her ability to grasp issues quickly and her talent for connecting with parties and counsel.

Approach to Mediation

Prince Mediation

Ms. Prince is an energetic and tenacious mediator who gets
to the root of the dispute.

She uses her extensive legal expertise, strong negotiating abilities and personable demeanor to help parties craft realistic and enduring agreements.

ADR and Legal Experience

Prince Mediation

A former litigator, specializing in the areas of employment, intellectual property, securities, licensing, trademarks and general contract law for the investment, media, entertainment and high tech industries.

Patricia began her mediation practice in 2001.

Speaking of Mediation

Prince Mediation

Patricia Prince is frequently asked to participate as a guest speaker on the topic of mediation.

In that capacity, she has appeared as the featured speaker at mediation trainings throughout the
Bay Area including:

  • A top five tech company
  • Stanford
  • UC Berkeley
  • Hastings
  • USF
  • San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • California Department of
    Fair Employment and Housing
    and others.
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Business and Employment mediator Patricia Prince is a trusted advocate for dispute resolution.  Her analytical legal skills and her extensive Business Dispute Resolution and Employment Dispute Resolution experience are the basis for her recognized competence as a mediator.  Equally important, however, are her integrity, optimism, persistence and empathy, which are critical to getting the dispute settled and building the client confidence required to bring about an optimal resolution.

San Francisco Bay Area business mediator and employment mediator Patricia Prince provides a wealth of experience as an ADR service provider, lawyer and business professional to bring parties to resolution.   An accomplished and skilled mediator, Ms. Prince has successfully resolved a broad range of disputes.  Her practice focuses on employment mediation, including harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and wage and hour cases; business mediation, including commercial real estate, commercial landlord/tenant, intellectual property, partnership and general contract cases; and property and estate mediation, including family–owned business, probate, trust and sibling inheritance disputes.

As a mediator, Patricia Prince draws upon her significant breath of knowledge in the following areas of law, gained over 15 years as a business litigator, as well as her experience as a mediator.

An Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider committed to providing clients with a fair process to resolve business and employment disputes, Patricia Prince offers private mediation services in San Francisco, Marin County and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Patricia Prince